Saturday, 7 December 2013

Nutshell Christmas: Day 6

Pet Peeves & Tree Ornaments.
Oh boy do I have a list of pet peeves. I highly dislike it the most when people drink straight out of a carton, particularly a milk carton. I cringe at the reminder of wet paper, its icky and gag worthy. I also do not like cleaning anything that is wood, so washing wooden dishes is a no no for me. I don't like it when people do not turn off the sound that happens when they type. For some odd reason it aggravates the crap out of me, and I don't understand why, but seriously why do you need a constant reminder that you are pressing buttons?
I also do not like it when people overuse words to a point where it gets annoying, I am always like can you not. YOLO and literally, and uhm should not be repeated a million times people!
I hate it when I am watching movies, especially Harry Potter and the special effects and music is louder than the dialogue. Like I can't hear what they are saying half the time, meaning there is no point in watching the movie, if I cant hear what is being said.
Tangled ear buds, is the most annoying thing ever. I put them in the same pocket as my keys and they always get tied together, and it is the most challenging thing ever to get them unknotted!

A couple pet peeves would be when a pocket would be open on a backpack, or shirts were a little off, or the pant pockets aren't properly tucked in.
People who walk so damn slow is the worst pet peeve I have. OMG! In high school, people who casually strolled through the hallway were the most annoying thing in the world. Or the people who would randomly stop in the middle of the damn hallway and talk to a friend, honestly got the worst death glare from me ever. Whether this would happen in the hallways, on the stairs or outside, this would literally annoy the crap out of me.

My favourite tree ornament would have to be this little green and pink ballerina that I have. I always put it up each year, and it is my favourite because it was a gift to me from a close family friend. It was given to me when I was much younger, and all the ornaments that are mine on my family tree are very Christmassy but not cute. It does not help the fact that this one is very cute and it's a little pretty girl. The only bad thing about this ornament, is that one of the hands broke off as a child and it's been that way ever since, handless, but nonetheless still my favourite ornament.

Cheers, May

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nutshell Christmas: Day 5

Gifts & songs.
The one song I can listen to over and over again as cheesy as it sounds is Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Ever since the song came out three years ago, it has been on repeat on my iPod. Something about the song, makes me feel happy every time I hear it. There is a story behind how I discovered the song, which was back in grade ten, but that's a story for another time.
Every time I listen to the song it makes me feel empowered, and urges me to smile. It's quite lame, but I am not embarrassed at all to admit it.
Best gift I have ever received, has to have been for either One Direction tickets or Justin Bieber. Bieber was back in 2010, and One Direction have been for the last two years.
Not too much to write about, posts are lacking on content sorry!
Word on the street Santa's coming tonight, Reindeer's flying through the sky so high,

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nutshell Christmas: Day 4

Parents & Favourite Christmas Song?
My parents are lovely. They met at work, and dated for eight years before they married. Not even a year before their first wedding anniversary (three days actually), I was born.
They raised me throughout being super ill as an infant and having to be in the NICU for a month after I was conceived, all the way till now.
They have put up with my constant chatter, quirks, and whiney nature, and have raised me to be the person I am to be. I honestly love my parents, and could not ask for anything to be different.
By the way, my mom is Portuguese and 5'4, and my dad on the other hand is Chinese and 6'4. Quite the height difference, but they make it work. I get my height and metabolism from my father.
Favourite Christmas song has definitely changed throughout the years. My ultimate favourite would definitely have to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It's so happy, cheery and classic Christmas.
When the Shrek Christmas album came out, I was obsessed with their version of the twelve days of Christmas. It's so quirky, strange and different that I absolutely die of laughter each time it comes on.
Now through my early teens, Justin Bieber's Christmas album came out, and I fell in love. I still listen to it till this day. Some of my favourites on the album is Christmas Love, Mistletoe, Fa la la, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. 
Recently I have been loving Ariana Grande's newest Christmas single, "Last Christmas." The falsetto tones, and whistle range that occurs in the song are marvelous and breathtaking.
An all time family classic, that we always jam out to in the car is Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.
Well that is all for today, little update I quite like this challenge, it enables me to get my writing juices back in gear.
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history, 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Nutshell Christmas: Day 3

Favourite holiday & is Santa real?
Even though it is the month and season for Christmas, I would have to say that my favourite holiday, besides my birthday is definitely Halloween.
I love everything that comes with it, the festivities, costumes and candy.

An extensive post on why I love Halloween so much, is explained here.

Now how and when I found out Santa was not real, started at a young age. I was the type of kid, who would get impatient with waiting, and weeks before be on the lookout for my presents. I never minded ruining the surprise considering I dislike surprises. But somehow and someway my parents would hid some aspect of my presents in a super secret hiding place and I would be surprised for part of my gift.

So by doing this I knew Santa was not real, but this never changed my view of Christmas. I would still get all festive, and believe the lies until my parents told me the truth when I was 10. I had to keep it a secret for my brother so I always went along with Santa.

Bit of short post today, not much to say to be honest.

Santa Clause is coming too town,

Monday, 2 December 2013

Nutshell Christmas: Day 2

Nicknames and Wish lists.
As far as nicknames I have a ton. As follows: MeAnn, May May, Melman, Yammers, Yams, Mayflower, Booboo's, Mayhem, Lemmers, and May Ann no shut mouth Lem.
My brother calls me MeAnn, because my full name is May Ann, and when he was younger he could never pronounce May, so he always called me MeAnn.
May May is something that started by my best friend, and she calls me that for as long as we have known each other. Which is seven years of long lasting friendship.
Melman, is after the giraffe in Madagascar. In grade eight, me and my group of friends decided to give each other nicknames, and my teacher overheard our conversation and decided that Melman was perfect, because like in the movie I am clumsy and uncoordinated. To this day when I go back and visit my grade eight teacher, he still calls me Melman.
Yammers and Yams was created by an elementary school friend who I have kept in touch with throughout high school, and after one day saying our names backwards decided to call me Yammers or in short form Yams.
Mayflower just a common play on my name, and for game sites when I was younger it would always be my username, with some sort of number variation at the end.
Booboo's is the one nickname that has been their since birth. My daddy has called me that every since I have been a baby, still to this day he calls me that.
Mayhem is a crowd favourite and has followed me to University. In high school drama, three of my closest friends decided to call me that because when you say my name fast enough it sounds like one word; May Lem - close enough to MayLem. So that is how Mayhem was born. Coincidentally one of the creators of that nickname is now my roommate. For ultimate Frisbee that is what my name was.
Lemmers is a play on my last name.
The last nickname is a play on what my Chinese name would be. It's a inside joke between my neighbours on the street.
Not really a nickname, but I also do have Chinese name. My grandparents on my Chinese name call me by my Chinese name.
For the Christmas wish list I only have a few wanted items, and some sentimental things to share.
Actual items:
  1. New phone - My phone is faulty, and I am only able to text people or else it will shut off, specifically one of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4
  2. One Direction tickets for their 2014 "Where We Are" concert tour, bonus: VIP passes!
  3.  New knit sweaters/graphic leggings
  4. Waterproof liquid eyeliner
  5. EOS lip balms
  6. For my bangs to grow back!
Sentimental Stuff that I would want:
  1. For my family and friends to be healthy and safe
  2. Good marks on my finals and overall for each course
No pictures in this post, but every time I feel it is necessary there will be some posted.
Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, over the hills we go, laughing all the way,